Sydney Brain & Spine

Spinal Alignment/Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a medical condition in which the spine develops a right-left curvature. This deformity of the spine can cause back and/or leg pain due to muscle fatigue and nerve impingement, which in turn can significantly impact quality of life. Patients suffering from scoliosis often undergo back surgery to restore proper alignment, fuse areas of instability causing pain ,and decompress any nerves that have become compromised.

During the procedure, the surgeon may remove a number of diseased intervertebral diss, and stabilise the vertebrae using screws and rods. The details of your unique surgery will be discussed with you. In addition, bone-forming cells are implanted to bridge the space between the vertebrae and help the bones to grow together.

With highly specialised patient selection, there is now a significant body of evidence demonstrating that increased stability and restoration of alignment result in significant pain relief.