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Microdiscectomy Spine Surgery: Herniated Disc Pain Relief

What Is A Microdiscectomy?

A lumbar microdiscectomy is a treatment option that may be recommended when all conservative treatments have failed to relieve the pain caused by a herniated disc that is pressing on a nerve. A microdiscectomy is typically performed by a neurosurgeon and is usually very effective for relieving leg pain caused by the compression of a spinal nerve.

How Is A Microdiscectomy Procedure Performed?

In this procedure a small part of the bone (lamina) over the nerve is removed. The nerve root is gently moved to the side and the surgeon uses fine instruments to reach under the nerve root and remove the disc material that has herniated out of the disc space. The muscles are then released from the retractor and moved back into place. The incision is closed, and a dressing is applied.

Patients tend to experience relief from leg pain immediately after the surgery and are usually encouraged to get up and mobilise a few hours after the surgery. Patients can return to normal activities quickly and are back to their sport of choice by around 6 weeks postoperatively. Some pain relief medication will be prescribed, and physiotherapy is recommended to aid in ongoing recovery and spine health.

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You may need a lumbar microdiscectomy if you are suffering from intense leg pain that does not go away after six weeks and that affects your ability to complete daily activities. If you have tried pain medication and physical therapy, please contact Dr Mark Winder’s office to schedule an appointment following magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

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